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See how tickets, accidents, moving, or changing vehicles could impact your rate.

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Welcome to the modern world™.

find out how changes impact your premium instantly

Ever wonder how certain changes — like getting a ticket or being at fault in an accident — could affect your rate? Well, as an Esurance policyholder, you don't have to wonder anymore.

With the What If Calculator, you'll get personalized estimates of how certain events could raise or lower your premium.

It's just our way of using technology to make insurance smarter, easier, and a whole lot better. Welcome to the modern world.

how the what if calculator works

To access our unique, interactive tool, log into your policy and click on the "Policy Info" tab.

Simply answer a question or 2, hit the "Calculate" button, and watch the magic.

The What If Calculator uses your policy info to generate a personalized 6-month car insurance quote that factors in the following scenarios:

  • Moving to a different postal code
  • Getting a speeding ticket
  • Having a fender bender
  • Changing the vehicles on your policy

And, you can ask all the hypothetical questions you want — using the What If Calculator won't affect your actual premium or policy.

make smarter decisions with our unique tool

When you know how a particular incident could impact your auto insurance rate, you can become that much more confident and responsible as a driver.

You can also make smart choices off the road. Say you're adding a new car to your garage — by learning which rides have the friendliest impact on your premium, you can find the perfect balance between what saves you money and what makes your heart go boom (that is, vroom).